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Water. It’s the foundation of all life on earth. Essential to our well being, it makes up 75% of our lean tissue, 83% of our blood and 22% of our bones. It nurtures, regenerates and restores every cell and without our daily top-up we will become dehydrated which could leave us feeling tired and lethargic and even suffering from headaches. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to organ malfunction.

At Aqua Optima we’ve been researching water for years; testing it and refining it using the latest technology until we came up with our filters, which make cleaner, purer water just as nature intended.

Aqua Optima water filters let you recreate this purity in your home, quickly and easily in filter jugs, kettles and water chillers. Using our unique patented 5-step filtration process, Aqua Optima water filters remove impurities that even boiling can’t eliminate, leaving you with purer water faster.

Why use Aqua Optima?

Are you interested in what goes into your food and drink? Do you read the label first before you buy something? Have you ever wondered what could be in the foodstuffs without a label – like tap water? Maybe you are concerned about what you give your family or maybe you are a water lover who prefers better tasting, clearer looking, purer water or maybe you simply don’t like lugging all those water bottles back home, then filtered water could be the solution for you. Aqua Optima water filters can be used in filter jugs, filter kettles and water chillers.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using an Aqua Optima water filter:

  • The oily layer on the top of your drink will have disappeared as Aqua Optima filters out impurities from your water – even your vegetables will look brighter when steamed in filtered water
  • Removes the taste and smell of chlorine, used by many water companies to disinfect water
  • White particles of sediment so often found floating in your drink will have been filtered out, especially in hard water areas. Simply using an Aqua Optima fitted filter kettle will reduce the build-up of limescale in your kettle, making it last that much longer
  • Impurities reduced - these include heavy metals (including lead and aluminium), herbicides and pesticides - these impurities can’t be seen or tasted and don’t disappear by simply boiling water
  • Aqua Optima water filters contain no added salts, so you can rest assured that you are not altering the pH balance of your water
  • Aqua Optima filters out impurities but allows through natural elements found in water that are necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies such as fluoride, potassium and magnesium
  • Aqua Optima water filters have been designed to deliver a consistent performance throughout their life, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of filtered water with complete peace of mind

Aqua Optima water filters have been specially designed to fit into a wide range of filter jugs, kettles and water chillers from a number of leading brands right across the world.