Aqua Optima Pack 2 Piece Plastic Blue Water Jug+Water Bottle With Filter #

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Keep your family hydrated with refreshing, clean and safe water. The Blue 2.1L Compact Jug from Aqua Optima has a capacity for 1.2L filtered water once the filter has been inserted. With its slim line design the Blue 2.1L Compact Jug will fit into any fridge door. It comes standard with 1 Aqua Optima Evolve filter included. Included in this pack is a stylish and convenient on the move water bottle which has a free filter inside.

  • Water jug
  • Total capacity 2.1 litres; filtered water capacity 1.2 litres.
  • Slimline design fits into fridge door.
  • Easy fill lid.
  • Detachable handle.
  • Removes impurities from tap water.
  • Improves look and taste of cooked vegetables.
  • Clean water for all the family.
  • Water bottle
  • 650ml capacity
  • Up to 230 refills
  • More economical than bottled water
  • Reduces chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and fine particles
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